Sunday, September 2, 2012


Name: Dobinsons
Type: Cafe, Bakery and Take-away.
Location: Civic
Meal: Lunch
Food et: Big Breakfast
Cost: $14.95

My sister and I decided to hit up Dobinsons for a quick Sunday lunch before going to see a movie at Dendy. My sister is a regular there and recommended it as somewhere to get a decent, cheap and fast meal.

We rocked up to the outdoor seating area along Bunda Street and grabbed the only available table. Thankfully, for all the other guests, just pipping out a couple of cyclists still in their riding gear. Seriously, we don't need to see your crotch when we're trying to eat! Or is it just me that notices...

We had a quick look over the menu, displayed on a few big blackboards out the front of the cafe, and took about two seconds to decide what we wanted. I made K go and order at the counter for me - because I knew what waited inside. Dobinsons is famous (at least in my head) for it's cakes and tarts, and I knew that if I saw them I would want to forgo decent food and just have a Banana Caramel Tart for breakfast. Thankfully logic overtook my stomach's desires.

Sunday lunch time is practically Sunday breakfast for me, since I spend most of the morning in bed, so I decided to get the classic Big Breakfast.

The meal is served with a small glass of orange juice and a coffee (flat white for me) - not bad for a sum total of $14.95. Lots of food on the plate, all of it well prepared and tasty. The mushrooms were really nice, buttered and not too mushy. You can choose how you want your eggs and I got scrambled eggs, which were fluffy and light.

K decided that, since she'd actually eaten breakfast that morning, a more hearty meal was needed for lunch. K got the Hawaiian Burger, which is made up of a chicken schnitzel (not quite a Hawaiian staple), bacon and pineapple. Slap a pineapple on anything and it becomes Hawaiian!

Hawaiian or not, K enjoyed her burger and said it hit the spot. Served with some crispy wedges, I can see this being a hangover staple actually...

We finished our meals pretty quickly and ran off to see our movie (Moonrise Kingdom, which is fantastic by the way). After our session, the lure of Dobinsons treats drew us back. I'd been thinking about them most of the film and as soon as it was over I said to K - "right, back to Dobinsons?", to which she heartily agreed.

Sadly my Banana Caramel Tart had sold out by the time we got back to the cafe (about 4:30pm), and they were close to closing up. I decided on a Chocolate Cheesecake Tart and a Lemon Tart to take away.

I ate the Chocolate Cheesecake Tart when I got home, pretty much as soon as I walked in the door. Let's face it, it's rich as all hell but utterly devine. Creamy with a decadent chocolate taste and a crumbly casing. Scoff!

Next time I'll only eat half...because now I don't think I need any dinner.
Verdict: Dobinsons is a reliable, reasonable priced affair with a selection of treats to win over some of the most dedicated health nuts. Service is fine for the type of set up they have, you order at the counter and then your food is delivered, efficiently and with a smile.

Rating: 3/*****

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